Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pimento Cheese

This recipe was requested ... it's for my Mom's Pimento Cheese.

This is her particular version of Pimento Cheese and she feels if you deviate from the brand name it will not taste the same ...

For the record, I do not like Pimento Cheese ... however ... I love this recipe! It is the only Pimento Cheese that I will eat. This is a VERY simple recipe with GREAT results! I prepare this for just about any party we have and it is always a big hit! I suggest serving it with Wheat Thins and seedless red grapes ... the taste when you combine all three together is incredible!!! ... Yum-Yum factor!!!!

Pimento Cheese


2 - Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar blocks of cheese (gold color packaging)
Large jar of pimento
(about) 2 Tbsp. Hellmann's Mayonnaise


1. Grate the cheese (they do not sell the packaged "already shredded" at my grocery store) - (not a fun task - but worth it for the taste!)

2. Add the entire jar of pimento

3. Add mayo ... about 2 heaping tablespoons ... you be the judge!

4. I put a sandwich bag on my hand ... you must mix it thoroughly and unless you want all this stuff under your nails? I would suggest a sandwich bag ... it blends it very nicely - very quickly.

5. I then transfer to another bowl for chilling ... (love my Pampered Chef bowls with lids)

This is my desired creaminess ... and I used two heaping tablespoons full

comments: VERY easy, very good appetizer, and also great for sandwiches! You can make this ahead of time and keep it in the fridge - it will last 2-3 weeks easy! And ... if those surprise guests walk through the door ... as long as you have this on hand with some Wheat Thins and red grapes - they will feel like you spent a whole lot of time making them feel special with this quick, simple and very easy recipe!

rating: 4.5

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