Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mini Cheeseburger Bites ...

I prepared this for our "family night/game night" ... for something fast, fun, and simple! It was definitely a hit at our game table last night!

Mini Cheeseburger Bites


- hamburger meat
- seasoning of your choice - mine are: Paula's Deen's Seasoning Salt, Dale's Steak Seasoning Sauce, pepper, and a little bit of onion
- cheese slices
- bread
- condiments of your choice - I used: ketchup, mustard and mayo


1. Season hamburger meat to your liking - I added Dale's Sauce, seasoning salt and pepper and a little bit of onion.

2. Mix seasoning well with hamburger meat and roll into small balls - mine were about 2 inches.

3. With your thumb, press into each ball to form a pocket.

4. Fry the mini burgers in a skillet - you can also grill them.

5. I flipped half way through and then flipped back once again where holes were on top. I used the end of a fork to push the holes back in (some of them closed up a bit while frying). But since the original hole was there, it pushed in with ease.

6. Using a small biscuit cutter I pressed out mini bread circles.

7. I placed them on a pan and sprayed "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" on each bread disc. and toasted in the toaster.

8. I took a slice of cheese and cut it in 1/4's.

9. I placed a 1/4 piece of cheese on each bread disc and put back in toaster for about 25-30 seconds.

10. I placed a mini burger on each cheese bread disc.

11. In each "hole" I squirted a condiment ... I used mustard ...

Ketchup ....
and Mayo ...

To everyone's surprise at the "game table", they were unbelievably good! They were so easy to make and ended up being the perfect little mini cheeseburger meal! I served them with chips and soft drinks. And I loved being able to fill the little holes with the condiments ahead of time. This would make a perfect party food ... easy to pick up and it's all inclusive! I saved on carbs by using one small piece of bread per burger ... I saved on fat by using lean ground beef, non-fat cheese and using a non-fat butter spray for the bread discs. When you bite into the mini burger, because of the hole filled condiment, it goes all the way through, which means each bite is perfect! I am positive this will be made again and again, not just on game night, but for parties as well!

rating: 4.5 for an overall "food" rating, but definitely a 5 for its category!

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Allison Barlar said...

Our first bite was followed by Mmmmmmmm. Thanks for the great ideas. I was very popular at the dinner table last night.